How Much to Dentures Cost?

How Much do Dentures Cost?

Here at Denturcare Mobile Denture Service, we’ve been providing all kinds of dentures to patients in Adelaide since 1998. Unsurprisingly, one of the questions we get asked most of all is’ How Much do Dentures Cost?’. How much you pay for your dentures and repairs will vary depending on your personal situation. Upon your first consultation, our denture specialist will be able to indicate a price as there are a number of factors affect the price, not to mention, everyone’s needs are different!

Talk to us today and we can provide a quote based on your requirements and budget.

Are you a Veterans “Affairs Gold Card Holder?”
Do you have an approval form from the South Australian Pensioner Denture Scheme?
Do you have private health cover?
Patients who have Private Health cover can claim through their health fund. The refund varies for different funds so you will need to enquire with your health fund for more details.

Locally owned and operated in Adelaide, Denturcare Mobile Denture Service is approved to do work for both Veterans’ Affairs and the South Australian Pensioner Denture Scheme.

Our patients can claim through their Health Scheme although the refund and gap payments vary for different funds. You will need to enquire with your health fund for more details.

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